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Women’s protection act challenged in court


The bill was challenged by a Supreme Court lawyer Muhammad Aslam Khaki.

In his petition challenging different provisions of the law especially section (7- d and e), Khaki said the section of the law was against Islamic provisions. He termed it gender-biased.

“The section is based on the NGOs’ slogan that the man is always guilty,” the petition regretted, adding that the law did not provide any guard to man for filing a complaint against woman for causing mental and psychological trauma to her husband.

Section 7 (d and e) stipulates GPS ankle or wrist trackers that may be placed on men to monitor their movement round the clock; and move out of house.


The petition purported that a number of cases had been observed where women would abuse their husbands and get into conflict with his family, leading to heated debate between spouses that can sometimes result in violence by the husband.

“We bestowed dignity on the children of Adam and provided them with rides on the land and in the sea and provided them with a variety of good things and made them much superior to many of those whom we have created,” he said in a plea.

Mr. Khaki said, however, expelling the husband for one or two days was fine.

The petition argued that the Punjab Protection of Women against Violence Act was passed without proper debate and research and needed revisiting, in view of the stern criticism on the bill by various scholars.

Complete copy of the bill:



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