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Pink Rickshaw service in Lahore drives women past cultural barriers

The provincial administration launched the service with an aim to provide women comfortable travelling without being harassed and generate revenue as well.

One of the aims behind launching this ladies-only rickshaw service is to empower Pakistani women and to take them from low status to the opportunity to travel in comfort and at the same time gave them the financial independence.

The pink rickshaw rides also ensures security of women.

Some of the objectives of the project are: “To transform the role & visibility of middle-to-lower working class women in Pakistan to empower them with a means of safe transportation and potential business opportunity to generate income for their families.”

It further says, “To create visible role models for other women to follow suite; awaken a desire in other women from the same strata, where they will see that it is possible for them to also become independent, mobile & active promoters of peace.”



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