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Workers’ indiscipline irks Imran Khan at Lahore youth convention

As the skipper arrived at the venue, the tigers welcomed him with roars and continued to make noise despite directions by the chairman.

At this, non-functional microphone rubbed salt into the wounds forcing Khan to advise the organizers, “Appointments alone will not work; PTI office bearers will also have to perform”.

When the workers did not heed on instructions, Imran Khan told them he is attending the function for the last time, which the activists returned with a big round of applause.

Imran Khan like you never seen him before by arynews
Imran Khan somehow managed to deliver his speech in which he praised Gandhi for being a prominent leader, who was sincere with the freedom movement.

“What Abul Kalam Azad said at the time of Pakistan’s creation proved to be right,” he lamented. “Almighty Allah has blessed Pakistan with everything, but unfortunately there is no difference between good and bad here.”

He slammed that the places in Europe where animals reside are better than the ones here for humans.

The PTI chief said he found high standards of morality in West, when he first visited some states while he was 18 years old.



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