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‘World should acknowledge Pakistan’s unparalleled sacrifices, huge economic losses in fight against terrorism’

SIALKOT: Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif on Sunday said Pakistan had rendered great scarifies and suffered huge economic losses in the war against terrorism.

“Recognition of these sacrifices by the world community is essential for elimination of terrorism,” he said while talking to media in Sialkot.

He said no other country has done more than Pakistan to eliminate terrorism.

The foreign minister said Pakistan would continue its efforts to wipe out terrorism with commitment by taking action against terrorists without any discrimination.

He said Pakistan was minutely reviewing the new US strategy about Afghanistan and South Asia.

“Pakistan is a peace loving country and keen to develop cordial relations with neighboring counties on equal basis,” he said.

The minister said after parliament’s session, he would visit regional countries for bilateral consultation on current issues.

He said in the expected session of National Assembly on Tuesday, Trump’s statement against Pakistan would be thoroughly discussed and the members of National Assembly would present their views.

“We need to be united to cope with the existing circumstances,” he said.

Asif also said the US was not providing Pakistan any significant funding for several years and despite that Pakistan was proceeding in the journey of economic development.



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