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World Health Day: From farm to plate!

For this year, the World Health Organization has chosen the slogan:”From farm to plate” in order to highlight and underline the importance of food safety. The objective behind commemorating World Health Day is to create awareness about the importance of health on a global basis. In order to implement this objective, the Ministry of Health, Department of Health, Pakistan Medical Association as well as various medical organizations and NGOs have undertaken various steps to create food safety awareness. In this regard, walks are being organized, conferences are being conducted and seminars are being held to make masses conscious of health issues.

The main focus of these seminars and conferences would be to promote the adoption of food safety as well as encourage people to follow a healthy lifestyle. Experts will submit their thesis and enlighten participants as to various health dangers that exist and anything related to it.

The very first World Health Day was commemorated in 1950. In 1948, World Health Organization’s subsidiary WHO Health Assembly gave its assent to mark April 7th each year as the World Health Day. Ever since then, each year, April 7 is referred to as World Health Day.

It should be kept in mind that each year, thousands of Pakistanis perish due to non-availability of hygienic drinking water. Malnutrition also claims many lives throughout the year hence the importance of food safety awareness in the country, cannot be stressed enough.



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