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World Heart Day being observed today

Use of tobacco, blood pressure, rising glucose level, insufficient use of fruits and vegetables, high cholesterol level and obesity are the main factors of heart problems.

In order to curb heart problems it is utmost important to control the above mentioned factors which may become fatal for the human beings.

According to World Health Organization, heart problems are the biggest cause of deaths in the world and the number of people who die from heart diseases will reach 23.3 million by 2030. Blood pressures and strokes are the main causes of deaths across the world.

WHO also stated that heart symptoms are found in those countries which have low to middle class families. Both men and women suffer equally from cardiovascular diseases.

On this day, health groups organize seminars, rallies and awareness walks across the world including Pakistan to aware the masses about the dangers of heart problems and how we can take care of our most important organ.



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