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Pakistan marks world kidney day, today!

Kidneys are one of the most essential and important organs of the human body. Kidney perform various functions which are detrimental to your health. Kidneys act as a filter when they remove waste and water from the blood in your body. Kidneys are also tasked with the function to balance chemicals in your body as well as release hormones. They produce red blood cells and also keep your blood pressure in check most of the time. Hence, it is befitting that an entire day is dedicated in Pakistan to highlighting the importance of kidneys and how to maintain their health at all times. Complications as a result of kidneys not performing their functions can lead to costly treatments such as transplants and dialysis.

Seminars, workshops, medical camps and awareness drives have been planned both by the government as well as private organizations, medical institutions throughout major cities such as Lahore. Every year, the world kidney day is held on the second Thursday in March to highlight the role of this crucial organ. Not much has been done in Pakistan as those requiring a transplant are unable to find donors. The fact of the matter is that dialysis and kidney transplants are affordable only by the elite class in Pakistan on account of its heavy expenditures.

The world kidney day is a global event which is marked annually by events both at the local and national level. These are constituted by charity organizations, government health departments or medical institutes. Ina country such as Pakistan, awareness regarding kidney functions can go a long way in benefiting the local populace, who are largely uneducated. However, awareness and knowledge regarding kidneys is not enough. More needs to be done in respect to supplying the poor with some sort of assistance to undergo treatments that are of an expensive nature.



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