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World Malaria Day today

World Malaria Day is being observed today, ARY News reports.

World Health Assembly in May of 2007 decided to mark 25th April as World Malaria Day. The day was established to provide knowledge and information regarding the disease.

World Malaria Day is marked each year on 25 April. On this day global efforts are recognized to control the disease.  According to a survey, more than 3.3 billion people across the world are at risk of catching the disease.

Malaria is spread by mosquito bite. It is mostly prevailent in the Sub-Sahara African region and the Americas. The disease is spread by the increase in malarial parasites in the body. Symptoms of the disease include high fever and headache.

Seminars, workshops and conferences are held across the world to educate the people about the disease and how they can take precautionary measures to protect themselves from it.



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