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World No Tobacco Day 2016: Keep trying, quit today

But, do you think it will work?

Recently, a close friend of mine – needless to say, a heavy smoker – was on a long holiday trip to Thailand. On his return, he told me how a gory health warning image forced him not to buy a pack of cigarettes, something he cannot live without for more than few minutes. He could not even dare to look at the image on that very pack of cigarettes and went back to his hotel room without taking a puff.

How Pakistan dealing with the menace?

No matter how below the poverty line people live in our country, to everyone’s surprise they still manage to get their daily dose of tobacco. The urge for tobacco is that strong. According to a health report compiled by the National Alliance for Tobacco Control (NATC) in collaboration with the Aga Khan University (AKU) and the Pakistan Chest Society, Pakistan was among top four countries with rising tobacco use in 2015. We should not be surprised when we see a surge in the number of lung, mouth or throat cancer patients in the country.



The good news!

The WHO has already warned the world that nearly 8 million people will die of smoking by the year 2030. Leaving behind tobacco is indeed not an easy task to achieve because it is linked with behavioural, cognitive and physiological phenomena. But, evidence suggests that it is very much possible.

If you get help from your physician, there is at least 84 per cent chance of quitting while with a self-help programme the chances go up to some 98 per cent.




These 10 ads will make you quit smoking

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Tobacco use ruins health. At least 6 million people dying every year due to tobacco is a reality. Help your friends and family quit tobacco use with you. They may not be able to enter the next year if we failed to encourage them today. Spread the word.



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