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World Population Day being observed today

World Population Day was first celebrated on July 11th, 1987 when the world population hit five billion. On this day, many organizations mark the day by arranging special programs and seminars to aware the masses about rising global population issues.

World Population is defined as the total number of humans living on Earth. According to a survey carried out by United States Census Bureau (USCB), World Population has been rapidly increased since the past 200 years with countries like China and India together making it 37% of the entire humans living in the globe whereas the continent of Asia with 4.2 billion people has largest population based on the region.

Rising global population also gives birth to other kinds of problems as well including large-scale migration, drought, insufficient distribution of resources etc. Whenever a calamity hits a country most of the people do not have access or they face shortage of basic necessary items.

The occasion also aims to curb challenges of the seven billion people in the world. The day is marked in nearly every country of the world to highlight the importance of small families and family planning.

The theme of World Population Day 2014 is “Investing in Young People”. The youth of today are laying the foundation for the future therefore we should provide them quality education, skills to earn their livelihood and decent employment opportunities so they can make the world a better place to live in.





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