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World Selfie Day: Here’s how you can take selfies like a Pro!

It’s a wild world out there. Take care of yourselfie! On this international Selfie day, we bring you x ways to improve your selfie game, making you feel like a pro! 

When scrolling through our newsfeed, it’s particularly hard not to spot a selfie or two most likely of celebrities looking fabulous and flawless. But how do they always manage to capture the perfect selfie? Have no fear we are here to tell you that there is a way for us ordinary folks to learn how to take a good and much-loved selfie!

The Angles!

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While everyone’s favorite or flattering angles are personal to them and can’t be dictated by a one-and-done formula, there is a universal “picture approach” when taking a selfie that works for most.

The slight head tilt is known to be the essential go-to in selfies. This angle gives the appearance of an elongated jawline and an overall slimmer demeanor. However, it is up to you to play around with your face’s angles.

The Pose

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Just like the angles, everyone’s signature pose or favorite relaxed setting is very personal to the person behind the camera. We notice that models are constantly using their hands to add both dimensions as well as a distraction to an image. Using your arm or your hand is a great way to hide any insecurity you’re having while taking a picture.

The Filter

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The day that Snapchat filters came into play, selfies became a game changer. They’re extremely flattering capturing the perfect look on your own. They’re there to help you.

The Lighting

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The lighting can sometimes be one of the most crucial elements for how to take the perfect selfie. Your makeup could be on point, you have the perfect environment around you, and you stand on the wrong side of the room and your face becomes back-lit.

The best way to take selfies is in the natural light rather than using lamps, flashlights, or your office’s overhead fluorescent lights Not only will this jazz up any highlight you’ve applied to your skin, but also enhance your skin’s natural beauty by letting the light subtly hit the wonderful features on your face.

The Smile

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Your smile is your perfect accessory. Show off those carefree and happy smiles and make you selfies par excellence!




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