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Artist creates “world’s tallest” hat measuring 18-foot, 9-inch

FLORIDA: An artist in Florida has created a massive 18-foot, 9-inch-tall hat and says he has submitted his paper work to the Guinness World Records to have his hat recognized as the world’s tallest.

Self-described milliner or hat maker, Odilon Ozare of Tampa, said his massive hat measures 18 feet and 9 inches tall, easily beating the current Guinness World Record of 9 feet and 9 inches.

World's tallest hat Florida
Picture source: Odilon Ozare’s Twitter account

Ozare said he is waiting to hear back from Guinness after sending in documentation confirming that his is indeed the world’s tallest hat.

The artist said it took about seven weeks to make the hat which comprises of real peacock feathers as well as rhinestones, ribbons and bird decorations.

World's tallest hat Florida

“Hats have always been used to enhance the greatness of the wearer,” Ozare tweeted. “The taller the hat the greater the wearer.”

Ozare said the hat will soon go on display at Ella’s Folkart Cafe in Tampa.



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