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World No Tobacco Day today  

World No Tobacco Day is being observed to prevent people from the use of tobacco.

In 1987, World Health Organization (WHO) decided to observe May 31 as World No Tobacco Day. The day is being marked every year since then.

Smoking cigarettes and consuming tobacco causes many diseases such as cancer, addiction, shortness of breath and other heart and lung and oral diseases. The diseases are mostly fatal for the humans.

According to WHO, tobacco kills six million people every year. Nearly 600,000 people are killed from passive smoking, which is inhaling other’s cigarette smoke. It also poses danger on the social life of the consumer as well.

Spitting out tobacco also hampers the beauty of a city and a country.

In Pakistan, use of tobacco is a common for the people. People are seen smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco. The people do not seem to care about the dangers of consuming such an hazardous item.

On World No Tobacco Day 2014, WHO have urged all the countries of the planet to raise taxes by 10% on cigarettes and tobacco products.

Seminars, functions and health programs will be held across the world to aware the people about the dangers of consuming tobacco.



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