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Wrinkle Preventing Pillowcase to moisturize your skin!

Do you want to prevent lines from forming on your face and keep those nasty, abhorring wrinkles at bay? Well, thanks to technology, all of that may now be possible!

A Canadian firm has made a pillowcase which keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated due to the hydrophobic fibres it contains. The pillowcase was made by Hammacher Schlemmer and does not have any creams or moisturizers in it. the wrinkle preventing version is ‘therapeutic and extra-smooth’ which redirects moisture back into the skin for a more fresher and vibrant look early in the morning.

The silky pillowcase contains 22,000 densely woven micro-filaments which also aids in the skin being smooth and avoid fiction. The same firm has also made an Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Pillow, which also comes with a lifetime guarantee. Designed like the shape of a butterfly, there are cutouts on either side of the pillow with a supportive front wing.

Use alone or as a pillow topper with an existing pillow. The micro fibre cover zips off for machine washing for $60 (£40).



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