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Xbox launches ‘Sea of Thieves’ human cannonball to break Guinness world record

Xbox has announced to launch a “Sea of Thieves” human cannonball to promote its upcoming game and also break a Guinness World Record.

Getting fired out of a cannon and landing on an island or an enemy vessel is a popular activity in the game launching March 20. “Sea of Thieves” is a new shared-world adventure game that provides freedom, action, and excitement creating the quintessential pirate experience.

Microsoft wants to recreate this and has invited fans celebrate the launch of “Sea of Thieves” on Xbox One and Windows 10, and witness history as they break a Guinness World Records title with the human cannonball launch.

On Tuesday March 13, David “The Bullet” Smith will attempt to break a Guinness World Records title for the greatest distance travelled as a human cannonball using the Xbox Pirate Blaster, a 12,000 lb, 34-foot long cannon that will accelerate David from 0 to about 60 mph in one-fifth of a second.

To accomplish this, David will blast off at upwards of 10 G’s average takeoff force accelerating up the cannon’s barrel. He will attempt a 200ft cannon shot before a 12g impact stop on the landing airbag.

In Sea of Thieves, cannons are great at blowing holes in rival ships and make for efficient ways to get on land.

Fans are encouraged to tune in to this unique and interactive live stream experience on the Mixer Xbox Channel, where they can use sparks, Mixer’s site-wide currency earned while viewing and streaming games, to help light up Smith’s cannon.

Fans can tune in on Mixer to witness a Guinness World Records title attempt live and stay tuned to Xbox Wire for the results. Sea of Thieve is available for pre-order in the Microsoft Store and can be played with Xbox Game Pass on March 20.



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