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PTA bans China’s Xiaomi cellphones in Pakistan

According to a customer message shared by XiaomiPk, PTA has demanded XiaomiPK.com to stop the sale/marketing of all Mi mobile devices.


Mi phones are a hit in India, China and rest of the world, however, the company has still not started its operations in Pakistan. XiaomiPk was formed to sell the smartphones in the country.

Xiaomi was the top smartphone company in China in 2014 with a 12.5 percent market share, narrowly outpacing South Korea’s Samsung,  according to market intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC) 2014 report.

Xiaomi, founded in 2010, had excelled in China’s cut-throat smartphone market by delivering high-performance products at cheap prices — and more than doubling its market share from just 5.3 percent in 2013, according to IDC.









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