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Yalghaar looks to impress with amazing behind the scenes action sequences

Beyond doubt, Yalghaar is one of the most anticipated movies of all time, as far as Pakistani cinema is concerned. The trailer of the movie stirred excitement among the public when it was released and showed gritty action scenes. Once again, the story was based on a couple of soldiers, who are patriotic to the core and menacing for terrorists.

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This video of some action scenes of Yalghaar (whilst shooting for the flick) have also generated buzz and awe. In one scene, actor Shaan Shahid can be seen firing menacing shots from his gun upon the director’s cue. In a Facebook post from the movie’s official account, training for a martial arts sequence was also released.

In another scene, a group of actors dressed as Pakistani soldeirs, advance side to side in a field, laced with weapons and firing at will. See the video for yourself:-

Behind the Scene Video – Yalghaar by irfanistanian

Clips from #Yalghaar in the Making – Pakistan… by javedshah1140

Dr. Hassan Rana and Bilal Ashraf training for a martial arts “Kaata” sequence #yalghaar #pakistan #cinema #revival #hardwork #deadly #prep #coolstuff

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