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Yet again: Aamir Khan lets loose a barrage of tears during ‘Kapoor and Sons’ screening

Aamir Khan was the target of many jibes and taunts on social media (Twitter in particular) after he was seen unable to hold back the waterworks when he watched Katti Batti. Earlier, Salman Khan had also cried profusely after watching Salman Khan’s blockbuster hit Bajrangi Bhaijaan. 

Now, one can imagine the Bollywood superstar shedding tears for the above mentioned movies since Bajrangi Bhaijaan was an intense emotional drama and Katti Batti featured none other than his nephew Imran Khan in the lead role. However, the actor attended a special screening of Fawad Khan’s upcoming Kapoor and Sons and would you believe it, he cried again!  

Aamir Khan

“It is a good one. I know I do cry often but yes, I did cry while watching the film,” said Aamir Khan.

Kapoor and Sons is slated for release tomorrow and is touted as being one of the most anticipated movies of this year. Starring Sidharth Malhotra, Rishi Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Fawad Khan, the flick is about two brothers who return to find out their parents’ marriage is in the doldrums. To make matters worse, both brothers fall for the same girl (Alia Bhatt).

If Kapoor and Sons can make a stellar actor such as Aamir Khan cry, we think it’s bound to be a classic! What do you think?



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