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You can now make Twitter Moments from your phone

Stories unfold on Twitter across multiple Tweets and points of view every day. Moments allows you to bring your favourite Tweets together.

This can be either your own or someone else and can give you an opportunity to share your perspective on a topic which interests you.

The feature lets Twitter users collect and curate tweets into one scrollable (on desktop) or swipeable (on mobile) feed.

Twitter created a Moment to explain how to build one.

Just choose a tweet and click on the grey arrow in the right hand corner. A pop-up window will appear with a tab that reads “Add to Moment.”

You can allow multiple tweets and also reorder and remix them.

Finally you can wrap it with a cover and perfect title.

Twitter Moments (previously codenamed “Lightning”) was launched in October 2015 after Jack Dorsey returned as CEO of the company he helped co-founded.

Twitter has been doubled down on Moments, and its team has gone from building 20-30 per day to up to 250.



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