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‘You need strong not smooth arms on the field’ says Sana Mir

Former Pakistan women cricket team captain Sana Mir evoked a positive response from the social media mongers after she posted a powerful message for aspiring female athletes saying you need to be strong, not flawless to win on the field.

Referring to a popular brand’s TVC where the concern was more about how she looked rather than her skill, deeply unsettled the national star.

“The worst thing is that instead of sending a message to young girls that the colour or texture of their skin does not matter, we are promoting body shaming and objectification,” says Mir.

She further added that it is not the case of just one ad but the entire mindset that needs to change.

“We – corporate sponsors and celebrities – always talk about our concern regarding the objectification of women in different professional settings. It infuriates us most of the time… We see endless posts and statuses on social media expressing our anger. But when it’s time to walk the talk, I have seen very few sponsors or celebrities actually take a stand to support women being comfortable in their own skin.”

She added a collage of women from her team to her post asking the world;

“Are the talent, passion and skill of a girl, not enough for her to play sports?”




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