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‘You need us, we need you’ – Salman to Media!

“I don’t think we are doing any city tours for Kick,” said Salman Khan. “It gets difficult to handle crowd. Police is there, fans are there, people get hurt. Some people get up and for mileage raise some issue. We want to stay away from all this. There are grandparents with their grand children, women are there, kids are there, God forbid something happens. We are driving, boys follow on bikes, they get hurt. We want to avoid it as much as possible. We feel it is best to talk about the film on television. We had planned the city tours but now our team is going doing the Being Human work,” Salman explained.

Explaining explained what happened exactly at the recent song launch of ‘Yaar Na Miley’, with the media. “I’ve come for a function to promote it. Media has come to cover it. There’s so much of competition amongst media people, you are fighting amongst yourself and then you keep coming closer to us. Our bodyguards are there. It’s their job to keep the distance between you and me. We are there to promote. You have to keep your distance from us. You need us. We need you. We need to co-exist,” Salman stated.



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