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Young students viciously tortured in Gujrat

GUJRAT: Influential in Dinga, Gujrat viciously tortured young students after taking-off their clothes, ARY News reported on Monday.

In a viral media on various platforms of the social media, the boys can be seen receiving in-human beating by the hands of area’s influential.

The students are said to be belonging to rival group, who were subjected to torture with sticks. However, the police was unaware about the matter and no case of the incident was registered.

In a similar nature of incident that took place on January 30 in Mailsi, a city of Vehari district of Punjab province, a landlord after chaining two children had allegedly tortured them over theft allegation.

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According to reports, a landlord identified as Ghulam Shabbir and his other associate had subjected two children to torture over allegedly committing a theft. The children were identified as 15-year-old Ahsan and 13-year-old Allah Baksh.

The witnesses had said that the two children continued to beg mercy from the landlord during the torture episode but to no avail.



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