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Two youngsters suffer as ‘Blue Whale’ suicide game strikes Pakistan

Blue whale

PESHAWAR: As the horrifyingly dangerous game – Blue Whale – is in the media spotlight these days for claiming 130 lives around the world, the reports from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) suggest that the youth are falling prey to it.

Dubbed as ‘Suicide Game’, the Blue Whale game is an online challenge which includes a ‘curator’ who develops various deadly challenges for the players.

A psychiatrist at Peshawar’s Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) has reportedly confirmed about two boys – aged 19 and 21 – suffering from severe depression while trying to accomplish the Blue Whale challenges.

“The boys have approached me for treatment after realising that the game would harm them,” told Dr Imran Khan to a local English daily.

blue whale game

Without naming the boys, Dr Khan said one of the boys was an IT expert who was just checking if the game really fatal or not.

“The young men opted to play the game,[but] as the challenge progressed, the tasks became increasingly bizarre such as being asked to carve a whale into their arm, which prompted them to stop and seek medical help,” he further said.

The game originated from Russia back in 2013 and Philip Budekin, a 21 year old Russian, is the evil mastermind behind it.

According to a Russian newspaper, this game is responsible for “130 suicides (globally) that took place between November 2015 to April 2016.”

However, no suicides linked to Blue Whale have been reported in Pakistan, but a few impressionable young children have fallen into the trap of this game.

The game is essentially a 50-day challenge in which the players have to perform a set of tasks given to them.

As the game progresses the tasks get more gross and inhumane.

Some of the tasks which we have been able to find out include carving a whale on your arm, watching scary videos all day, cutting your lip, and poking yourself with a needle.

The game is said to drive people to the edge that they end up committing suicide.

Other victims of the deadly game

Blue whale

Two Russian girls, Yulia Konstantinova, 15, and Veronika ‘Nika’ Volkova, 16 had also jumped from the roof of a 14- storey apartment block in the industrial Ust-Ilimsk area in Siberia.


Blue Whale

VIDEO: Blue Whale victim commits suicide

Warning: some users may find the following footage distressing

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