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Youth killed as brawl over cricket match leads to gunfight

MANDI BAHAUDDIN: In an appalling development reported earlier Thursday, a clash amongst youth playing turned fierce as some men allegedly opened fire which resulted in an instant death of one youngster, ARY News reported.

Police taking note of the incident shared details that the fight broke out amidst a cricket match where the violent turn of events led to the death of one man.

Separately to happen the same day, the Station House Officer (SHO) in Mubarakpur town was suspended earlier for allegedly harassing a family as they struggled to get a case lodged into the kidnapping of their two daughters.

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According to the details, a man whose two daughters were allegedly abducted, wrote to Deputy Inspector General of Larkana after SHO Anis Shaikh didn’t facilitate the aggrieved.

In response to the application put forward by the victim’s father, the DIG attached a written note with his plea and directed him to go back to the relevant SHO for lodging the case, but again to no avail.



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