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“Youth is the key to future challenges”: Young Leaders Conference 2013

Karachi: The city of lights Karachi welcomes 350 young students to be the part of 13th Young Leaders Conference from December 26th to January 1st, 2014 at Dreamworld resorts. It’s a 7 days residential conference representing 23 urban and rural regions of Pakistan.

The main purpose of this conference is to educate not in the traditional old manner but to use the new learning tools which are practically practiced in the life of an individual.

As the name tells the core objective of YLC is to promote youth leadership by identify the hidden spark in individuals. According to Shireen Naqvi, the director of the school of leadership and founder of YLC, “This conference is the most awaited for the youth around Pakistan, main aim of the conference has always been to identify the youth’s potential and give them exposure to ideas that’ll bring a positive change in their lives. “We don’t teach something as basic as ABC, we just boost up the confidence through which many lives have been reformed,” she said.

The alumni of YLC have established 40 registered organizations in different parts of the country, according to Shireen Naqvi.

The inauguration ceremony was held on December 26th 2013, in the presence of the Chief Guest, Shoib Siddique, Commissioner Karachi.

His message for the parents of this youth is, “It’s the first step towards success of this conference, because the people of Pakistan think that their children can be a part of change while solving the problems of Pakistan.”

He further added, “This is one of the biggest youth conferences which show the inner strengths of the youth of Pakistan, if these conferences will be arranged frequently from other platforms too it will be highly appreciated, because learning is a continuous process.”

YLC is sponsored by various Multinationals and private limited companies in Pakistan. The 350 youth participants are also sponsored by different companies.

This conference includes a lot of famous personalities who will be training these participants by their own success stories, including Asad Umer, Wasim Badami, Kamran Rizvi, Umair Jaliawala, Shireen Naqvi, Yousuf Bashir Qureshi, Nisar Khoro, Faisal Sabzwari, Ramiz Allawala, Amin Gulgee and many more.

According to Saadi Makhdoom and Quratulain Awan, who are the Team Lead YLC 2013, elaborated the theme, KHALBALI – Sikha, Dikha, Macha, was about restlessness.

They said, “YLC team will focus on bringing out the creative spark in participants and provide them an opportunity to unlearn the learned and to explore the unexplored.

“We’ll inspire the youth in such a way that they’ll become job creators and not job seekers,” said Makhdoom.

During the organization of this conference the main issue was the uncertain conditions of Karachi, Saddi had this most challenging issue while making the participants getting them registered for YLC. Because Pakistanis are yet not accepting the change that Youth can initiate to change the situations of various areas.

The conference has two basic objectives – exploring potentials and finding global opportunities, he said.

The learning at YLC will be affective due to national and international trainers training them for 7 consecutive days. It will be helpful for the youth to explore the cultural differences and how to tackle them, what is their capacity and how can it be utilized, self development, decision making skills, national and international differences, conflict management etc.

These 350 participants are divided into teams and every team will be lead by a YF that is Youth Facilitator, the most energetic motivator of the team. Talking to one of the YF namely Zaydan Khan who is a resident of Peshawar, he said, “It’s an interesting job to play the role of inspiration for the youth especially at that time when your team is observing your every action.”

He further added, “Being a YF at YLC is not an easy task because the conference started on December 26th2013, but YF’s were attending the boot camp which was their training before YLC.”

Another YF Tanzila Khan, resident of Lahore and a youth activist told ARY news, “Nothing can stop this youth for making things possible, they are the future leaders who just need to be polished.”

This conference is loaded with challenging tasks, such as the participants are given accommodation in camps (tents), only those participants can earn a room who are able to win the task provided, according to Saadi.

We wish all the participants a very good luck and a successful career ahead!! This conference will be a leading path towards the success of these individuals.





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