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Youtube ban discussed in Senate

Chairman Nayyar Hussain Bukhari chaired the session of the upper house of the Parliament.

Saeed Ghani of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) asked that why the federal government does not end the ban on the video sharing website if half of the population is watching it through proxies.

Shaikh Aftab, replying to Ghani, said that Youtube was blocked in Pakistan on court orders for showing controversial content and government cannot allow or permit access to the largest video portal.

He added that experts have said that objectionable content cannot be removed from the video portal.

It should be noted that Youtube was banned in the country over the objectionable contents that were published on the website. Many petitions, challenging the ban, have been filed in the courts against the ban, but no decision have been given over the matter so far.

The Gas Infrastructure Development Cess Ordinance (GIDCO) 2014 was also presented in the house session as well.

The session was adjourned for an indefinite period.



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