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YouTuber cleric invades into Peshawar Covid complex to exorcise patients

PESHAWAR: In a display of recklessness amid the pandemic which may ensue irreparable damages, a cleric who claims to exorcise patients on his video-sharing-platform channel was escorted into the Covid complex of Peshawar’s Lady Reading Hospital to blow on infected patients, ARY News reported on Saturday.

An inquiry into the matter, however, has been ordered against the security guard who allegedly let the YouTuber cleric inside the complex which is a secured quarantined facility.

According to the reports, the security guard accompanied the cleric Iftikhar who blew to exorcise each and every Covid patient inside and then left without any knowledge of the hospital’s administration.

The hospital administration has launched an inquiry into the incident as soon as the news made public.

READ: Alleged murderer of two minor sons says she was given directives in dream

Separately to be reported today in another tragic incident, the arrested alleged murderer of her two minor children told in the initial statement given to the police that she was instructed to execute them in her dream.

The police confirmed to the media according to the available details that the mother, Najma Bibi, who allegedly killed her two sons told the police she was given directives to mete out the killings in her dreams.

She was going to kill her three-year-old daughter as well but their uncle showed up in time and saved her, police said.



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