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YouTuber shreds brand new PlayStation 5, video goes viral

A YouTuber has left people shocked and dismayed with a video that shows a PS5 being destroyed by an industrial shredder.

A video shared with a YouTube account by the name of Captain Crunch Experiments shows a PS5 being destroyed by an industrial shredder.


Not just that, the Youtuber in his video shredded and destroyed the PS5 controller, the power cables, books and also the boxes in which that PlayStation 5 was wrapped.

“In this video, I’m shredding and destroying the all new Sony Playstation 5 , the ps5 controller , the power cables , books and also shredding the boxes it comes in. So you can see what’s inside a PlayStation 5,” he wrote while sharing the video.


The channel further read, “Play more outside, less inside on your computer. Dangerous Crash and crushing Tests, do not try these by yourself EXPERIMENTS!”

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The video has garnered over 0.5 million views since its original posting.



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