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Yumna Zaidi calls for authorities to save Pakistan football

Actor Yumna Zaidi on Thursday came out to rally support for sports in the country following the threat of a FIFA ban on the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF).

The actor took to Instagram stories to appeal to the powers that be to save sports in the country, saying, “Sports are essential for a society to remain healthy, provide us with the heroes we so desperately need to look up to, and represent our country.”

She specifically highlighted the problems faced by the women’s team, adding, “At present, the current Pakistan woman’s football team seems to be going through a host of issues and I want to appeal to whoever is listening to pls help them we need this… we need them to shine.”

The appeal came after FIFA threatened to ban Pakistan once again after Syed Ashfaq Hussain’s group allegedly took charge of the PFF. FIFA-installed Normalisation Committee (NC)’s chairman Haroon Malik claimed that the Ashfaq-led group forcefully took charge of the FIFA house.

Renowned footballer Hajra Khan also expressed her disappointment at the escalating situation, saying, “We are on verge of getting banned by FIFA as a country which means we will not be able to represent Pakistan internationally in football. We have worked hard for years, we are disappointed.”

“I want to tell them that please respect the game and respect the players.”


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