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VIDEO : Zahra Abbas , A 25 year old defying all odds

25 years old, Zahra Abbas born with the deformity of all four limbs fought with her disability like no other.

She completed her matriculation from Lahore Lyceum for which she received a gold medal as a special prize from CM Punjab Mr. Shahbaz Sharif.

She later on went to complete her BBA Hons and MBA from Punjab University’s IBA Department.

“I feel so bad that almost every other day on the social media we are watching a stupid video of some person like Nasir Khan Jan etc making them a hero calling them entertainment sidelining those who struggle their entire lives, the people who really deserve our attention.”

Speaking about her life and challenges, Zahra said,

“The biggest challenge was for my parents because they had to take me into a society where there is rejection, where there are lack of facilities, where there are more problems for girl.”

“In our society the people we call special have no special arrangement for them to achieve their dreams or at least, be able to do things normal people do.None of our local transport is designed in a way in which I can travel alone even though I have an electric wheel chair.”

Zahra believes, “If there is something we really want to achieve we need to set our target clear. The first thing is basic education. There is nothing you can’t do if you really commit to it.”

Zahra has now started motivational speaking in the corporate sector and amongst the youth.

She wants to go to every girls’ school of Pakistan as a motivational speaker and aims totransform the lives of women living in the rural and urban areas of Pakistan through it.

She wants the government and people to help her in this mission of hers.


Differently-abled girl motivation for us all



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