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Zaid Hamid blames RAW for his arrest in Saudi Arabia

Zaid Hamid, in his post on Facebook, stated that the government of Saudi Arabia arrested him as they were told by RAW agents that he was an Iranian spy and they gave his pictures with former Iranian president Ahmedinejad and his two visits to the country as evidences.

“My TV program in which I had strongly opposed sending Pakistani troops to Yemen was exploited as evidence that I work for Iranian government. This was the trap set for me”, Hamid stated.

The defence analyst claimed that when he reached Saudi Arabia, RAW agents were already present there to set the trap. They informed the Saudis and then they launched a massive investigation regarding his credentials and within weeks knew that all the allegations leveled against him were false.

“The demands by Indian government that I should be handed over to India also alarmed the Saudis that something is wrong here”, he added.

Hamid also said that he opposed sending Pakistan soldiers to Yemen due to his love for Pakistan and Ummah, not because the country serves Iranian interests.

He claimed that Pakistani ministers played no role in his release. He added that his wife provided the evidences to the Saudi officials that they were not Iranian spies.

“We were sent back with dignity on exit stamp NOT deported. If I was an Iranian spy, Saudis would NEVER release me within weeks nor let me go with dignity but would have hanged me or deported me otherwise. Spies in Saudi Arabia are NOT released at all !!! NO trial was held, NO conviction was given!!! It was just detention for inquiry”, Hamid wrote.



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