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Zara Sheikh's controversial Bollywood flick to premiere on 27th Feb

Director Avtar Bhogal spilled the beans that Bollywood film Honour Killing will be released in Pakistan and U.K on 27th February 2015. The film features a mix of Indian, Pakistani and British cast inclusive of Zara Sheikh, Javed Shiekh, Gulshan Grover, Sandeep Singh and Tom Alter.

Bound to raise more than a few eyebrows and expose the primitive mindsets of sub-continental families living abroad, there is no doubt the film will receive a strong reaction for portraying the sensitive subject on-screen. Zara Sheikh plays a Muslim girl in love with a Sikh boy and yes, the obvious happens. Families of both the lovebirds are unable to find respite in the fact that their offspring want to tie the knot. With the adamant Sikhs pitted against the fierce Pashtans,this film will contain a mix of violence, revenge, drama, romance and pulsating suspense.

The trailer of the film opens with the information that every year 5,000 people fall prey to honour killing.. In one scene (most likely a wedding celebration) Javed Sheikh strums on a guitar whilst people dance jubilantly to the music. In yet another scene, Zara admits her love for her Sikh boyfriend, right before getting slapped across the face by an enraged Javed Shiekh. Time and again, furious reactions from the opposing families are shown and in one scene, Zara and Sandeep seem to be running feverishly across a forest, most likely for their lives.

Honour Killing – Official Theatrical – Trailer… by E-Onkar-Films

Honour killing is a sensitive issue in both countries. Annually, many lives are lost when a girl belonging to one religion seems to fancy a boy from the other. As depicted in the trailer, families resort to taking inhumane measures, which mostly involves taking the lives of their own kin.

The film is directed by Avtar Bhogal and produced by Manmohan Singh. This movie has previously been released in India last year on 4th April 2014. Director Avtar Bhogal voiced his desire to direct another film based on the Partition of India and Pakistan.



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