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Zardari asks Nawaz to reveal ‘all truths’

MIRPUR KHAS: Former president Asif Zardari on Thursday urged ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif to speak his mind and reveal the truths he thinks he is hiding, ARY News reported.

“Mian Sahb is threatening to raise the curtain, so I want you to go on and disclose every thing, but first of all you should tell how you were carved out (into politics),” said Zardari while addressing a rally in Mirpur Khas.

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Nawaz in a statement has threatened to spill the beans if political dealing was not stopped. He alleged a propaganda was being carried out in Islamabad for the last four years.

Zardari asked the deposed PM to tell the nation where did he get the mandate.

“You should first sweep before your own door. Tell the nation whether you were getting heavy mandates or somebody made you get them,” he said.

He also reminded Nawaz of the agreement he had signed with former PM late Benazir Bhutto for truth and reconciliation saying that his party still stuck to it and was ready to talk on the agreement.

“You can’t blame us for taking anybody’s support (in our political journey),” he said.

The Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian president said his party had the power of masses, while Nawaz had the power of wealth.

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