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Zareen Khan reveals her routine lifestyle, the diet she follows

In her pre-teen and teen days, Bollywood actress Zareen Khan was mostly criticized for her ‘large’ and ‘overbearing’ physique. However, the actress’ speedy weight loss to shed an impressive 45 kg to from 100kgs has been heaped with praises. Her physical transformation that has made her fit and fabulous.

Lately in an interview, Zareen was asked about her secret to smart life upon which she revealed her daily routine and the diet she follows. She said she was not following any systematic pattern of diet, it all depended on everyday of her engagement, she said.

“Yes, I try to be healthy. Yes, I try to be fit and try to make fitness a way of my living. I have made my fitness a lifestyle, rather than doing it under any requirement or obligation,” she said.

Elucidating about her daily diet which contains quite healthy food, she said she started her day with drinking one liter of water as it worked for her.

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“After 15-20 minutes of drinking water, I sip some large amount of green tea. Then I head to gym where I do exercise for one hour, then I come back home to eat my breakfast which consists of eggs and veggies made in either ghee or water because I am following the Keto diet,” she said.

The Bollywood bombshell said sometimes while busy in work she would forget taking food which was quite bad a habit of her.

“It’s really wrong to do that, it’s not something that I am proud of because your system requires food and you are supposed to eat it every now and then and lack of it can have bad bodily effects,” she said.

Disclosing about her lunch meal, Zareen said her lunch includes some of meat either fish, chicken or mutton cooked with ghee or butter.

To the curiosity of people on her healthy diet, she shed light on the kind of diet she intakes. She said, “The diet I am following is called Keto. It is high in fat and low in carbohydrates and that’s how I try to work my diet in order.”

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The Hate Story 3 actress suggested people to use Stevia as a substitute for sugar.

“Stevia is the best form of sweetener just because it is natural. It is made of plants and it’s not made from the artificial sweeteners that you get in the market which are not good for your health,” she said.

On eating snacks, she said luckily she had no craving for rice or bread so it was easy for her to follow the Keto diet. She said whenever she felt like munching something she would munch on cheese or eggs with mayonnaise.

Zareen Khan said when you take carbs it makes you lethargic, while following Keto diet keeps you fit and active.

Giving one last tip, she said at least half an hour of work out was essential for everybody to carry out all day long business.



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