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Zayn Malik to collaborate with Baby Doll singer?

Zayn Malik has been mingling and socializing with Bollywood supremos quite a lot these days. Hence, rumors and buzz surrounding an impending collaboration between the former One Direction band member and Baby Doll singer Kanika Kapoor, should not be taken as a surprise!

Kanika Kapoor sang the famous Baby Doll song

“Kanika and Zayn are set to work on a song for an upcoming movie. They’ve already met to discuss music,” a Mumbai tabloid quoted a source as saying. Reportedly, Kanika was also approached to comment on the subject and the prolific singer refused to divulge into too many details, stating categorically that if anything were to happen, she would announce it herself.

Said Kapoor,”I don’t want to comment on this right now. Whenever I have to announce anything, I will make sure that I tell you.”

Zayn Malik has been rubbing shoulders with Bollywood personalities and interacting with them on social media as well. After leaving One Direction, Zayn and Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan had met at an award function and scooped up prestigious awards each. Both took the time to click a picture together, which also broke the record for being the most retweeted picture by an Indain handle.

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Zayn had also credited Bollywood movies, film Bombay in particular, for mentoring his charming, lover-boy attitude. A couple of days ago, the prolific singer had also been involved in a conversation with famed Indian choreographer, director and actress Farah Khan. Malik had termed her movie as a ‘great film, quite relevant title too’ to which Farah had responded with thanking the singer and inviting him to star in its sequel.

Kanika Kapoor had crooned lively, hip songs such as Lovely, Desi Look, Baby Doll, Kamlee and Chil Gaye Naina. If this collaboration comes about, it is bound to be big. Fans would absolutely love a taste of Zayn’s soulful voice combined with Konika’s energetic, catchy hooks!




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