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Zeeshan’s mother demands justice, withdrawal of Punjab minister’s allegations

LAHORE: Mother of a man, who was shot dead in Sahiwal police encounter, on Sunday said her son was not a terrorist, ARY News reported.

In response to the Punjab law minister’s allegation that Zeeshan was a terrorist, the victim’s handicapped mother said her son was accused of terrorism after shooting him dead.

“I will get justice for my son regardless of my disability,” she said.

After performing funeral prayers, heirs of Zeeshan including mother and daughter staged a protest demonstration on Ferozepur Road in Lahore against the police encounter.

Zeeshan’s brother demanded from the government to withdraw the allegation of terrorism levelled by the provincial minister on his sibling. “This allegation is totally baseless and we will not call off protest until it is taken back,” he said.

The funeral prayer was offered at Ferozepur Road which was attended by a large number of people.

During a press conference on Sunday, Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat said the surveillance cameras of the ‘Safe City’ had captured Zeeshan’s car with vehicles of terrorists on January 13. Then, the ‘Safe City’ cameras were inspected from January 13 to 18 and Zeeshan’s relation with the terrorists was established, he added.

The law minister said it had been confirmed that Zeeshan was working with terrorists. According to the intelligence information, the alleged terrorist was carrying explosive materials in the car, he added.

Raja Basharat has said the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) had carried out Sahiwal operation on the basis of solid evidences and a Da’esh terrorist Zeeshan was killed resultantly.

CTD’s version of events

The CTD officials relayed that a car was signaled to stop along with a bike near Sahiwal Toll Plaza but the alleged terrorists resorted to firing, adding that three terrorists were able to flee away. “This incident was a continuity of the Jan 16 operation carried out in Faisalabad.”

Eyewitnesses’ version of incident

Eyewitnesses relayed that police officers began firing at a car from behind, adding that no weapons were recovered from the car nor did anyone from the car got engaged in retaliatory firing.

The eyewitness said one deceased woman aged around 40, whereas the injured child was around 13 years old.

JIT formed to investigate Sahiwal firing incident



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