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Zia promised, Pakistan would not build nuclear bomb: CIA papers

WASHINGTON: Secret documents of America’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) revealed that Pakistan former military ruler general Zia-ul-Haq had promised United States that he will not build a nuclear bomb.

It should be noted that CIA has declassified its secret documents, based on 13 million pages, after completion of 20 years.

Former US President Ronald Reagan, in the letter, had expressed his concerns over Pakistan’s nuclear programme.

CIA documents stated that Zia — in his letter to Reagan — assured him┬áthat Pakistan had no intention of making nuclear weapons.

Zia wrote that he was saddened when the US ambassador told him that they had certified information of Pakistan making efforts for acquiring nuclear weapons.

“The capabilities of Pakistan’s nuclear programme are limited and the objective of this propaganda is to divert the attention of the prevalent regional situation,” the ex-army strongman wrote.



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