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Zoheb Hassan catches up with his good friend Anil Kapoor in London

Pakistani pop star Zoheb Hassan met Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor in London.

Taking to Instagram, he shared a picture with his friend and the two can be seen lunching together at a restaurant.

The singer captioned the photo “Meeting up with a good friend in London after a long time.”

Amid tensions between Pakistan and India, this picture shows that art is beyond political and geographical boundaries.

The two celebrities are seemingly ageless and social media users were quick to point that out. A user said “The true caption of this picture is ‘ageless picture’. Both have not aged a bit.” Hassan is 52-years-old and Kapoor is 60. The duo surely holds the secret for anti-aging looks.

The star and his sister Nazia Hassan spent their childhood in London and Karachi both.

They rose to fame with the release of their first album, Disco Deewane, becoming  South-Asian subcontinent’s first pop icons.



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