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Zoheb Hassan drops new single 'Always On My Mind'

Zoheb Hassan was once a force to be reckoned with, in Pakistan’s music industry. The pop star and legendary Nazia Hassan’s brother Zoheb recently dropped a new single titled Always On My Mind, from his eagerly-anticipated new album Signature.

As can be judged from the title of the song, the track deals with love and betrayal. Zohaib himself features in the video of the song and showcases the downsides of a celebrity’s life. At first, Zohaib is at the start of his career and has a beautiful wife and a lovely daughter.

However, as his music career takes off, the same does not happen with his marriage. With massive media attention and a plethora of fans to deal with, Zohaib starts ignoring his wife. Also, he starts taking an interest in another female, which irks his wife of course. One night, she decides he’s up to no good and leaves him.

The chorus of the song is in English whereas the lyrics mostly are in Urdu. Zohaib’s energetic voice still hasn’t lost its charm but the video as well as the track itself is mediocre at best. Let’s hope we get to hear something better from his upcoming album Signature.

The video of the song looks like a short scene from any Bollywood flick. Zoheb has done plenty to hype his upcoming album, including messages from various Pakistani and Indian celebrities.



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