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Horrific: Zookeeper mauled to death by bears

In a shocking incident, a zookeeper was mauled to death by a group of black bears in front of tourists at a Chinese wild animal park.

According to the details, the accident took place on Saturday afternoon at Shanghai Wild Animal Park. The zookeeper was ‘carrying out work’ in the areas for wild beasts – an open-air section where large carnivore animals are allowed to roam free to be observed by tourists on board of specialised vehicles.

In a 56-second clip, shot from a tourist bus, shows around eight bears gathering in a pond at a distance, seemingly engaging in an activity together.

A separate video circulating among Chinese media shows terrified tourists inside a bus fearing for the worst as they yelled ‘what are they (the bears) doing’ and ‘there seems to be a man’.

The administration of the park confirmed that a worker had died after being attacked by bears. The park has shut the relevant sections temporarily following the matter, according to a statement, Mail Online reported.

The park said it had set up a special team to investigate the matter. It vowed to strengthen its safety management.

The officials said that it was heartbroken over the death of the worker and had expressed condolences to the victim’s family. It also apologised to the public for the inconvenience the accident brought.




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