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Zoos: An important place for learning

The idea of Zoo started long time ago, initially for the reason that the Sultans, Kings, and Emperors wanted to be different and show their wealth and strength to their competitors and companions so they started keeping animals as pets like hoses, lions, camels, leopards and many others.  Although this concept was opted ages ago but people did not change it till yet people from elite class also keep animals as pets.

People getting civilized by time realized that they need to learn about animals and plants with which we share earth. You need to think what excites the children the most, animals that mean there is an inevitable bond between human and animals. Zoo are the research center to study about animals, those who are curious about animals must visit zoo. It’s a learning institution in any society.

Zoos and wildlife parks are the places where we can preserve the animals and provide them a living standard. Initially the number of animals in zoos was limited to regional species and animals. Later, people realized they should bring animals from different regions so that they can learn about different species on earth.

According to Saint Louis Zoo in USA around 400,000 children and adults participate in formal programs each year. Around 3,000,000 visitors visits St. Louis annually and half of them gets educational experience and information from zookeepers. This is an example of how zoo play a vital role in educating a children.

Zoos in Pakistan are at its worst condition. However, there are many zoos here but they are all below the international standard of living. Karachi zoo is covering a big area but not much visitors go there due to limited animals and awful facilities. Karachi zoological garden located in the Garden area of Karachi is the biggest zoo in town.  Same is the thing with other zoos and wildlife park in the country.



We really need to establish more zoo with better infrastructure and living standards for animals. So that our children get learnt from this live form of education. Recently KPK’s government has announced a mega project of establishing a zoo there. which is a commendable initiative.




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