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Zubair, Tareen come face to face in program 'Off the Record'

Yesterday, the Information Minister, Pervez Rasheed and Muhammad Zubair had addressed a joint press conference leveling serious allegations on PTI leader, Jehangir Tareen. To which, the defiant PTI had also reacted strongly.

In follow-up of yesterday’s events, ARY News senior anchorperson, Kashif Abbasi took Muhammad Zubair and Jehangir Tareen on-board during program “Off the Record” aired on Wednesday night.

The Chairman of Privatization Commission during the program accused that Tareen’s company had its loans written-off from the banks. To which, Tareen said that he was a minor share-holder of that company, Muhammad Zubair was talking about.

Zubair leveled another allegation on the Jehangir Tareen pertaining to the National Rural Support Program (NRSP), which the latter denied.

PTI leader, Jehangir Tareen during the program claimed to have paid back Rs 30 billion loans which he had acquired from banks.

Tareen also said that he paid more than 2 billion rupees tax to the government.





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