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Zulfiqar Mirza is being forced to surrender: Fehmida

Fehmida Mirza while talking to media said that Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) should take notice of her husband’s case.

“My only hope lies with the judiciary and I am sure that the institution will do something about it”, remarked the PPP leader.

About the police conduct, she said that she does not trust such police which defy court orders asking as to why and how the SSP Badin registered a fourth First Information Report (F.I.R) against Zulfiqar Mirza when he is on protective bail according to a court order.

She also questioned the heavy police presence outside her husband’s farmhouse and said that if the situation persists, Zulfiqar Mirza will not be able to attend the court.

“They want my husband to surrender”, Fehmida told media.

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The PPP leader also asked the police officers outside her husband’s farmhouse to leave as she does not need security.

Mrs. Mirza also claimed that she was not even provided a police cover on her way from Karachi to Badin and she only came up with three of her private guards.

Earlier in a press conference, Fehmida also raised the same question that why “the entire police of Sindh” was surrounding her Badin residence when the Sindh High Court had issued orders for her husband’s protective bail.

She demanded that terrorism charges against her husband be dropped immediately.



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