Saturday, October 23, 2021

Fortnite team signs youngest pro player for more than Rs5 million


Many people are introduced to gaming as means for entertainment, hobby, or an escape from their busy lives to find some respite and usually, at the tender age of eight the game is nothing more than the most thirsted after pastime, but what if that pastime lands you a professional contract worth millions?

Strange but not untrue, as Joseph Deen is that 8-year-old who is now the youngest ‘paid’ Fortnite player. He was recently signed by popular esports team Team 33 in December 2020.

Joseph Deen come from California and has been playing Fortnite since the age of four. However, he only got noticed by the aforementioned esports team around 18 months ago.

Despite Joseph’s crazy good skills, he is not qualified to play Fortnite. The game has received PEGI12/ ESRB ‘Teen’ certification -both being rating standards to ascertain if the content is age-appropriate- for frequent mild violence. He’s too young to be playing this kind of game.

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Team 33 is only looking to groom Joseph to become a star player, with proper training and guidance, so when he comes of age (in this case, when he turns 13) he can compete and win tournaments

Most of us got introduced to gaming when we were teenagers, and some much later in life. However, this 8-year-old boy not only plays Fortnite like a boss but has also managed to join an esports team as a professional gamer.

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