Sunday, November 27, 2022

Everyday items that can boost your health!


1. Lemon for multiple purposes!

Lemon contains various benefits for the human body. When lemon water is consumed with warm water, it immensely helps in indigestion and constipation. Consume lemon juice mixed with water to ensure optimum performance of your digestive system! Lemon juice can also be used to heal and improve both hair and skin conditions. The anti-bacterial properties of lemon also help in numerous other ailments such as

2. Dab your skin with green tea!

Nothing spells health like green tea! If you’re looking to cut down some weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle at the same time, go for the hot green beverage! Not only does it do your skin good and make it look refreshing, green tea also ensures you stay away from cancer, unhealthy skin and a high level of cholesterol. Did you know that you can also apply green tea to your skin, to heal sunburns? All you have to do is soak up green tea in a towel or washcloth and dab it little by little on the sunburn.

3. Ginger for sore muscles and aching joints!

Nothing heals soreness of the muscles and joints such as ginger! If your workout sessions are leaving you sore and aching all over the body, it is high time you started a diet that contains a healthy amount of ginger. Drinking ginger tea will also not only spruce up the flavor in your tea but will also ensure that you are supplied with a healthy dose of nutrients.

4.  Use baking soda to get glistening teeth!

If your teeth are falling prey to decay and cavities, use baking soda to ensure proper dental hygiene and glistening white teeth! Incorporate baking soda daily in your tooth brushing habits and you’re teeth would show off a pristine white color in no time. Add baking soda to your toothpaste and then brush your teeth as most of the times toothpastes contain harmful chemicals which can contribute in adverse effects for your teeth.

5. Garlic for hair and heart! 

Garlic might be blamed for infusing bad breath but it certainly does work wonders for your body. Its anti fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties enable a person to perform his cardiovascular activities better and also heal internal injuries effectively. If you’ve got hair problems, worry no more. Seek help with garlic by meshing it in olive oil and rubbing it on your scalp. The act will do wonders for you in no time and ensure healthier, better looking hair!

6. Honey- the best treatment available! 

As Muslims we are also recommended by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to consume honey as it contains numerous benefits and healthy nutrients that are famous for healing purposes.

Honey has been in use as a curing, healing medicine for mostly external injuries since ancient times. It also has lots of benefits for your internal functions as it regulates the level of sugar in your body and provides a soothing sensation for sore throats. making use of honey to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners will keep you away from diseases such as diabetes!



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