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EXCLUSIVE: Ho Mann Jahaan director Asim Raza talks about upcoming film


Ho Mann Jahaan is touted to be the biggest entertainer of the year. And why shouldn’t it be, given the fact that it features the uber-talented and beautiful Mahira Khan alongside two young, energetic actors Sheheryar Munawar and Adeel Hussain. To top it all off, we have glamorous veteran actress Sonya Jehan playing a pivotal role in the movie.

However, the most exciting aspect of Ho Mann Jahaan is the fact that Asim Raza will be directing a feature film for the very first time and for fans familiar with his work, nothing could be more exciting than this. He’s done his fair share of critically acclaimed work, whether they be directing commercials or music videos for renowned brands and bands alike.

At the trailer launch in Karachi on 12th October, Asim Raza had told a packed audience at Nueplex that he had worked diligently to make the film and had created each character in the film according to the actors that he wanted to star in the film. In other words, so meticulous is he, that Asim prepared specific roles for Mahira, Sheheryar, Adeel and Sonya (as well as other cast members).

Ho Mann Jahaan
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In order to ask a few important questions from the Ho Mann Jahaan director, we asked him a few questions about the movie and these were the answers Asim Raza gave us.

Q1. As a director, this is your first ever film. How was the experience and what have you learnt from making Ho Mann Jahaan?
Ans. I always dreamt of making a film one day, in fact all of my past experiences were conditioning me for the same. I have always been musically inclined, which is why I have enjoyed directing many music videos, and music always forms a key element in my TVCs as well.

Ho Mann Jahaan

Q2. Directing a film in Pakistan, what were the obstacles or difficulties you faced?
Ans. Despite having spoken to many people who, through their own experiences, felt that Pakistan is not very conducive to film production, my experience has been of a very different sort. It has been the most humbling experience as I felt overwhelmed with the amount of support from contemporaries and friends; that was extended to me for making my film. It is a time of great discovery as far as the Pakistani Film Industry goes and I feel even as we speak, things are progressing in the right direction in this regard.

Ho Mann Jahaan

Q3. You highlighted problems faced by the youth in Ho Mann Jahaan. Do you intend on highlighting other social issues or problems faced by people in Pakistan, in your other projects?
Ans. I wouldn’t say I have highlighted the problems of the youth, yes just like any progressive country, youth is faced by many challenges. These challenges are all very real and an integral part of the coming of age on any Individual. Ho Mann Jahaan is the story of a similar journey; it is very relatable and real.

Ho Mann Jahaan

Q4. Plans for the future – now that Ho Mann Jahaan is ready to come out?
Ans. I am on an absolute high at the moment as I am eagerly looking forward to the release of my first film. It’s a very addictive medium and I have had a taste of the magic. I would like to see how the future unfolds.

Ho Mann Jahaan

Q5. Like Pakistani actors are going for Bollywood flicks, would you want to do a project with any Bollywood artist in future?
Ans. For me an actor is the person who can best portray my characters and that actor does not have boundaries, he could be from Bollywood, Hollywood or anywhere else in the world.

Q6. Who would you have cast in case Mahira Khan would not have been available for Ho Mann Jahaan?
Ans. I always knew Mahira would do my film. If it was not Mahira, the character of Manizeh would be very different.

Ho Mann Jahaan

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