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Exclusive: "Imran first popped the question," says Reham


The couple had hassle-free session during the chat-show in which they talked about different matters ranging from their love tale to professional goals.

Opening the discussion, the host asked the couple a reason on their wedding plan, which was under-cover for some time.

Imran, who is the head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, said he wanted to invite many friends, but he had to reserve the decision as he decided to keep the ceremony low-key affair.

Imran said after Peshawar incident it was not appropriate to arrange a lavish wedding party. “The trauma felt by parents of Peshawar attack was the main factor I decided to keep my event very simple.”

He said he was also against lavish spending on weddings.

I had also asked Jemima’s parents not to fritter away money on the marriage, he added.

Reham joined her husband in a conversation, uttering, “We both are single parents. Whatever steps I have taken in life are for the welfare of children, she added.

Who proposed to whom?

Normally positive Reham responded diffidently when asked who proposed to whom. “Khan sahib proposed me first and it came out suddenly from his side” described Reham.

Imran-Reham wedding: Who proposed to whom ? Now…

She hastened to add, “The proposal was a shock but it was polite as well and Khan sahib said he is conducting a ‘Istikhaara’ and then we will get marry.”

It is very well known that whatever Khan sahib intends to get, he stands very firm on it, said Reham with a smile brimming over her face.

Imran’s biggest shock in life

The most grief, said Imran, I felt in life was my divorce and subsequent pain my children went through.

Divorce hurt me the most, says Imran Khan by arynews

Imran said it could have been impossible for him to re-marry had his children were underage.

How Khan sahib fell for Reham?

“I decided to tie a knot with Reham when I met her children,” Imran explained.

The way she nurtured her children was remarkable, he mentioned. “As a single parent she raised her children with double jobs.”

The PTI chief said all three children of Reham were academically successful. She worked professionally and grew up her children in testing times, he said in a praising manner.

Imran hailed that the God had bestowed Reham with faith.

He said his life was full of struggle and the girl who became her life partner should also take care of children.

Regarding Imran’s children, Reham said, “I have got two more sons which are healthy additions to my family.

Reham’s political aims

The elegant lady said she had no plans to indulge into politics or Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. I do not want my journalistic career to be sidelined in which I spent at least 10 years.

So, Reham said, I have four more media projects in the making, hence I will continue with that.

Consultations over marraige

Imran said, “I am a 62-year-old and who could know better than me about marriage.” Why I should ask someone, he stated, while referring to reports that he tied the knot without consulting anyone.

He conceded that social media was crammed with useless gossips about his marriage that fed him up. Hence I decided to settle the issue, he added.

Reham explained that it was not her nature to get feared from any criticism. Being a spouse, I should be supportive to Imran in his mission. I have no such responsibility that I should be afraid of.

Fear of domestic violence

Reham said her family had little apprehensions – owing to past experiences of their daughter being victim of domestic violence in first marriage – for her to remarry again.

I also discussed with my brother, she said, the matter when Imran proposed me. Yes there were concerns due to past experience, but Imran is a different man and I decided in affirmative.

Gossip-mongering on social media

Mr. Khan said some people suggested, “My political career will be destroyed.” Different suggestions were given to me by different persons, but I was already convinced to marry Reham.

“I felt bad after viewing foul gossips on social media about Reham.”

If you need to assess a woman, look at her children and how they are nurtured, he maintained.

Wedding gift

Imran said he didn’t know about wedding presents. I have never given presents in a wedding. She [Reham] was asking me a present. What present I can give. I have never given one, he detailed.

Imran talks on wedding gift by arynews

Reham chipped in saying, “But, I have requested him [Imran] to at least visit Khyber Pakhtonkhwa [Peshawar in particular] once a month as it is his home constituency.”


Reham should be satisfied that Imran will never betray her. I advise all men not to indulge in infidelity.

Betray make children more suffer than the parents, said Imran.

What’s next for Imran?

He said ‘calculated execution’ of children in Peshawar was intolerable a sheer barbaric act.

If I would be in place of Nawaz Sharif, I would have taken the action straightaway.

He said the terrorism issue was multi-pronged. “The PTI decided not to take any step that may hamper government fight against terrorism.”

He said he would announce his next line of action in PTI workers’ convention on January 18. “We will again take to streets if government did not constitute judicial commission to probe election rigging by Jan 18,” added Imran.

PTI will give government a deadline to form judicial commission. We are facing hostility on border, hence we are giving the government more time.

“But, government is not serious as yet to form the commission.”

The PTI chairman said: “I repeat, the government will find it difficult to run affairs if they did not comply to legal demands of the PTI on election rigging.”

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