Monday, October 3, 2022

Executions toll rises to 162 as 7 more death row prisoners sent to the gallows


The process of meting out justice to death row prisoners is in full swing, as executions took place in Pakistan as per the Anti Terrorism Act. Two death row prisoners at Faisalabad District Jail were hanged. Of the two, one was named Younis, who was found guilty of murdering three people, two among them women. The other death row prisoner was Allah Dutta, who was hanged for murdering a woman. The execution of another condemned-to-death prisoner Zulfiqar Ali was not carried out, as he was pardoned by the relative.

In Gujranwala District Jail, Ashraf was sent to the gallows for raping and murdering a girl. Mohammad Saeed, who was also to be hanged, was not sent to the gallows since he was also pardoned by the relatives of the murdered.

In Sialkot Central Jail, prisoner Basharat was hanged for committing a man’s murder whereas another prisoner’s execution was delayed on account of the review petition filed by him.The name of this prisoner is Shafqat.

Abdul Rauf was hanged in Jehlum District Jail whereas in D.G.Khan Jail, Ali Aghar was hanged for committing murder.

Prisoner Mukhtar was hanged at Lahore Kot Lakhpat Jail for the murder of one person. Khizar Hayat, another death row prisoner, was not hanged as the court had delayed his execution orders the night before.


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