Friday, September 30, 2022

Experience the new era with Suzuki AGS


The driving experience has completely changed in the new age, the evolution of motor engines has been phenomenal but there is something new in the market that has provided the customer with extra ease and convenience. The technology is called Auto Gear Shift.

The AGS technology was introduced and implemented by Suzuki in Pakistan around 2017. The gear shifts and clutch control are electronically automated without any driver intervention in these automatic cars.

This AGS transmission has an Intelligent Shift Control Actuator which is operated by the Transmission Electronic Controller unit. This system can intelligently assess the dynamic driving conditions and adjusts the automatic gear shifts to deliver optimal driving performance. Since both these components are mounted in the car’s transmission unit, it ensures synchronized control of the clutch and smoother gear shifts. This, in turn, helps AGS deliver improved performance and enhance fuel efficiency.

Pak Suzuki is giving various deals and offers to the customers so they can avail this efficient technology and utilize the benefits of it in their daily lives. The offers include savings up to 198,466 PKR via free registration, free periodic maintenance, special mark-up rates and much more. Users can avail this offer from their choice of banks affiliated with Pak Suzuki.

For more information on Suzuki AGS variants, visit your nearest authorized dealership or book online at:



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