EXPLAINER: How the world recognizes Israel as apartheid state

The recent Middle Eastern flare-up that killed about 250 innocent Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and depriving of homes about 80,000 of them with indiscriminate strafing at the hands of the world’s fourth fiercest military power Israel has only laid open to the world how blatantly the Zionist regime has committed humanitarian crimes in the country where once the Jews in the late 19th and early 20th centuries sought refuge after pogroms and genocides were afflicted upon their race.

Despite the fact that how later events that led up to the Zionists from across the world forced-settled in an Arab land Palestine and then declaring Israel a separate state in May 1948, they did not even stick to the borders that were then self-proclaimed and continued eating up on further Palestinian swathes by leaps and bounds.

Even Human Rights Watch in its essay earlier this year, titled ‘A Threshold Crossed, Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution’, says volumes on how “…For the past 54 years, Israeli authorities have facilitated the transfer of Jewish Israelis to the OPT [occupied Palestinian territories] and granted them a superior status under the law as compared to Palestinians living in the same territory when it comes to civil rights, access to land, and freedom to move, build, and confer residency rights to close relatives.”

United Nations Secretary-General said in a statement on May 20, “The past ten days have witnessed a dangerous and horrific surge in deadly violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

‘I am deeply shocked by the continued air and artillery bombardment by the Israeli Defence Forces in Gaza.”

A little, yet shrewd, history review of how this all served up to magically favor Israel particularly after World War I, as opposed to international laws and human rights standards championed by the West – that instead of arbitrating fairly, whimsically handed out the lands of colonized states as if they and the people inhabiting them meant little in contrast to their ulterior financial and imperial interests.

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